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Bi-Fold Gates

Where there is a problem with a wide driveway, we can manufacture most of our drive gates as Bi-fold gates. This means that each gate leaf will fold into the next one, thus reducing the distance in which the gate travels along your driveway.

These type of gate can also help if your driveway is very short, i.e; if if the gates are opened to let a vehicle in and they cannot be closed because that vehicle is in the way. By using Bi-fold gates, you are not using up as much valuable space.

If your driveway has an upward slope towards your house, traditional double gates would need to be raised off the floor sufficiently enough to allow the gates to open properly. Bi-fold gates counteract this problem as each gate is in effect, half its origional size. Therefore your gates can be set lower to the ground, eliminating the large gap underneath.

Please Note, the finished gap is determined by the severity of the slope combined with the overall opening of the gates, and therefore we cannot accuratley advise the finished gap until installation is complete.

The cost to Bi-fold a set of drive gates is 85.00 per gate, i.e; the bow top gates shown above would cost an extra 85.00 to the catalogue price, as only one gate has been made Bi-fold.

To Bi-fold a pair of drive gates would cost an 170.00 on top of the price of the gates you require.

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